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Welcome Back to Sequassen

Updated: Jul 13

BSA Troop 270 is back at Camp Sequassen in New Hartford, CT this year after a 1 year hiatus. We are also back at Royal Wood, our uphill sanctuary in the forested hills, just a "short" and "easy" walk up the hill from our activities and meals.

Some highlights from the first two days of camp:

  • Cameron, our SPL, played Revelry at the flag ceremony

  • Troop 270 completed a conservation project

  • We won the Orienteering competition

  • We came in 2nd place in Scout Sonar

  • We were a strong competitor in Conquistadors

  • The adult leaders are looking forward to the Axe Competition on Tuesday

Be sure to check out all of the pictures and scroll down to the bottom for a great video

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