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Troop Calendar for Mobile Apps

To stay up to date on troop activities, you can add the troop calendar to you mobile calendar app and it will update dynamically.  Follow the instructions below for either an Android or Apple device.

Android Devices (Google Calendar app)


Note: These steps must be performed using a desktop browser or mobile browser in desktop view.


  1. From a browser, open the Google Calendar site (not the App) (

  2. On the left, next to "Other calendars," click "+" and then "From URL"

  3. Enter the troop calendar's address by copying and pasting the following address:

  4. Click "Add calendar". The calendar should now appears on the left, under "Other calendars."

Tip: It might take up to 12 hours for changes to show in your Google Calendar.  To view on your mobile device, you might also need to click on the checkbox next to the troop calendar in your calendar app.

Apple Devices (Apple Calendar app)


  1. On your iPhone or iPad go to Settings > Accounts & Passwords > Add Account > Other.

  2. Tap on Add Subscribed Calendar.

  3. In the Server section, copy and paste the ICS link for the troop calendar:

  4. Next you can choose a Description, and enter a username and password if the calendar needs it.

  5. Finally, tap the Use SSL switch, and hit the Save button

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