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Walls and Water - UPDATED with Videos!

Updated: Jul 13

UPDATE: Sorry, slight correction...Mr. McCoy took 3rd place in Axe Throwing although Mr. Hoyack assures me he tried really hard :) Also, added videos from Tuesday as well.

Tuesday was jam packed with activities, from Merit Badges to All Camp Challenges. The day's activities included a Cope Challenge (scaling a wall), ultimate frisbee, Scout Sonar, and 3D printing. Also, the scout leaders participated in an Axe Throwing competition with Mr. Hoyack coming in 3rd Place. The day ended a bit stormy with the whole camp huddled in the Dining Hall for some game time while waiting out the weather. Scouts were well into the swing of things and looked forward to more crafts, learning, and fun in the water.


Morning Flag Raising at Royal Wood (Henry and Tristan)

Morning Roll Call

Cam's Reveille on Trombone for Flag Ceremony

Breakfast Dining Hall Fun

Kayaking Merit Badge (Fintan, Kevin, Sandor)

Troop 270 scaling the wall

Evening Roll Call

Evening Flags with Cameron's on Trombone

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