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Towers of Fun!

At our last campout, Troop 270 got to experience June Norcross Webster Scout Reservation, where we will be spending summer camp this year. While at Websteer, ASM and Camping Chair Eric Linnetz led our scouts in building a tower from rope and tree limbs. As the Pioneering Merit Badge Counselor, Mr. Linnetz trained our scouts on the tools, skills, and techniques to properly prepare materials and apply lashings to build the structure. From the pictures, you can see the build process and ultimately how it was able to easily support many scouts and one enthusiastic MB counselor.

In addition to preparing all of the limbs, cutting and whipping all of the rope, Mr. Linnetz also fashioned a home made mallet which he and others put to good use.

Thank you to Mr. Linnetz and our other ASMs for making this a memorable experience for our scouts!!!

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